Meet The Trinket Curator


Hello and welcome to my slice of the internet! I'm Michelle Johnson and am ever so delighted you have found your way here. I am the owner and curator of all the beauties at The Enchanted Raven's Trinkets. My passion for crystals began at a young age and I have loved gemstone jewelry since I was a teenager. I was always the girl with a ring on every finger in high school. Fast forward quite a bit to 2014 and shortly after the birth of my daughter, I started my own business of selling crystals, jewelry and other metaphysical items. Due to some personal reasons, I took a break from my business for a while in 2019 but I always felt crystals just weren’t quite done with me yet. A few years later, I realized I wasn’t wrong.

This pic above is of me with our kitten, Yuki (well, she’s 2 now). I chose to share this particular picture because of the pendant I’m wearing in it. That piece is one of my top favorite pendants EVER. It’s a beautiful Fire Opal, a perfect rough Chiastolite cross, and an incredible blade of rough Green Tourmaline. This one of a kind pendant was the inspiration for me to return to the mineral world with the focus of jewelry.

Every time I wear that pendant, I receive a compliment. Every. Single. Time. And best believe if I saw someone else wearing that same pendant, I’d stop them and tell them how awesome it is, too! I have never seen anything quite like it before and more than likely never will in that combo.

That is what I wanted to help bring to other people. I wanted to connect others with their favorite wearable crystals. Those stunning earrings or that amazing ring or this incredible pendant never seen elsewhere that you can’t help but smile every time you put it on. I wanted to bring that feeling that I get every time I wear this one of a kind pendant to each of you. It is my goal and continued inspiration for every trinket that comes from my shop to your homes.